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tremble when Russia shows up...
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Before I Decay- Ruki by GuardianBelikov1918 Before I Decay- Ruki :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 4 1 Cassis- Aoi by GuardianBelikov1918 Cassis- Aoi :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 35 3 Happy B-Day Ruki by GuardianBelikov1918 Happy B-Day Ruki :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 5 3 Stop SOPA by GuardianBelikov1918 Stop SOPA :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 2 1 Late Night Doodles by GuardianBelikov1918 Late Night Doodles :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 3 13 Handwriting Meme by GuardianBelikov1918 Handwriting Meme :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 2 0 Lucifer Solanecee by GuardianBelikov1918 Lucifer Solanecee :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 12 4 Homestuck OC Troll: Acrone Cenerino by GuardianBelikov1918 Homestuck OC Troll: Acrone Cenerino :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 3 5 Soiree by GuardianBelikov1918 Soiree :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 5 3 Egret Flowers by GuardianBelikov1918 Egret Flowers :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 6 1 Sakura Viewing by GuardianBelikov1918 Sakura Viewing :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 13 8 Buon Compleanno by GuardianBelikov1918 Buon Compleanno :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 29 28 Luka Megurine by GuardianBelikov1918 Luka Megurine :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 13 1 Happy Birthday Damien by GuardianBelikov1918 Happy Birthday Damien :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 56 26 Current Desktop by GuardianBelikov1918 Current Desktop :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 6 4 Acel Orias by GuardianBelikov1918 Acel Orias :iconguardianbelikov1918:GuardianBelikov1918 2 0
Oh no. I’m miscellaneous. If I’m in the miscellaneous category, I’m cool.

Member of :iconmalaysian-united: :iconmukuro-fanclub: :iconhershel-layton-fc:

I, pledge allegiance to dat ass,
Of the sexy country of Antonio
For which is jiggles, one country
Under that matador costume
It's squeezable
With sexiness of dat ass
And tomatoes for all!

:icongilbirdplz:<~ Gilbird!!!

..........* I! *
..*.lovelovelovelove...*...... ..........*....*
.*..lovelovelovelovelo...*.... .....*..lovel....*
*..lovelovelovelovelove...*... .*...lovelovelo.*
*.. lovelovelovelovelove...*....*. ..lovelovelo.*
.*..lovelovelovelovelove...*.. *...lovelovelo...*
..*...lovelovelovelovelove..*. ..lovelovelo...*
...*....lovelovelolovelovelove lovelovelo...*
.....*....lovelovelovelovelove lovelov...*
........*....lovelovelovelovel ovelo...*
...........*....lovelovelovelo ve...*
...............*...lovelovelo. ...*
..................*..lovelo... *
.............. Braginski
.♥´¨♥ SEXY!!!
¸.-´¸.-♥´¨ ¸.-♥¨Copy and paste
(¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥♥´¨ ♥.-´¯`-.- ♥this If You Love
¸.-´¸.-♥´¨ ¸.-♥¨¸.-´¸.-♥´¨ ¸.-♥¨Russia from APH!!!

Fucking list of fucking shit that has to be fucking done:
~ 40 Pre-Calc questions I haven't bothered staring on yet
~ 8 AP Chem POGILS (and I've only started on 2 of them+haven't fucking finished them)
~ APUSH Civil War partner project that I haven't started to put the damn thing together
~ APUSH notes (that I am 4 fucking months behind on)
~ 2 pages worth of Drivers' Ed make-up work
~ Annotations for 6 AP Lang essays
~ 2-3 page (AP Lang) Division Analysis essay
~ AP Lang semester portfolio (that I've already lost half the damn stuff to)
~ Psychology classwork due tomorrow before midnight
~ Psychology Natural Observation quarter thesis essay (that I can't fuck up or else)
~ Enter the volunteer hours I accumulated from working at the local hospital (by losing hours when I could be sleeping in)
~ Commissions/Requests that I still haven't finished (because I'm a fucking lazy ass)
~ Thanx Givin' (Miyavi) cover music/tabs for Mothers' Day
~ Make the completely unconventional White Day present I thought of
~ Help finish writing the sheet music/guitar accompaniment for ~Major-Freakout's song
~ E-mail reply for ~2n31 and my Kuroshitsuji RP
~ Lyric translations for JpopAsia
~ Update on my personal blogs (Tumblr not included)
~ Make the payments for those summer scholar programs in Stanford and Washington D.C.
~ Apply to be a Cracked writer (some time)
~ Apply for jobs (and all that shit that comes with being an "adult")

Random Favourites

The most amazing Germancest
Prussia confronted Germany.
Germany was confused, but then was even more confused.
Prussia decided to kneel and propose to Germany.
The madman accepted and they made sweet man-love.
Then they married. Man-love must come first.
With alcohol. And magic. And German powers.
After they married, they got a daughter. Adoption was nice, but then they found out she was a Jew. They decided to call her Jewbetty.
She had nice Jew-curls and a Jew-lady accent.
They didn't approve. Then they shoved her in the oven and had a nice Jew dinner.
The end.
:iconcodexana:CodeXANA 32 48
APH- Bang by koulin APH- Bang :iconkoulin:koulin 1,105 83 Hetalia Couple Meme by WrenAgain Hetalia Couple Meme :iconwrenagain:WrenAgain 262 184 APH : Sexy Dangerouse Angle by illuscarymono APH : Sexy Dangerouse Angle :iconilluscarymono:illuscarymono 86 7
Half a Gun Ch 11
Half a Gun Chapter 11 this is a Germany x America fanfiction Germany was order from his 'boss' to kill America but memories of their past promise might prevent him from following through.
Germany looked at America (gosh he is cute when he doesn't know his life is endanger) Germany shook his head, an ordered was an ordered and he was ordered to kill America as ordered.  America moved slightly in he's sleep. Germany stiffened up, was he waking up? No he's still asleep. "Here I go" Germany whispered out loud to himself. "But the pony is blue!" America said in his sleep. Germany dunked under the bed. (Sleep Talking he's talking in his sleep) Germany thought. (He's not awake he's just) zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
"I will not talk!" Germany yelled  as soon he seen two redcoats come in "Whoa, whoa, West! It's me Awesome General Prussia and Lunatic Private America, here to rescues you." Prussia said (Lunatic?) America thought as he untied Germany. "Are you ok Germany?" America as
:iconabthebutterfly:ABtheButterfly 1 12
Shall we dance by ProtectiveLion Shall we dance :iconprotectivelion:ProtectiveLion 138 44
Artistic Dreams -chap 2-
Not proud of this chapter, I know I could have written this better but I wrote 75 percent of this in school, trying to keep myself from being bored, cause a lot of fanfics I enjoy reading are not being updated fast enough.
Not that I should talk…
Anyway, I guess the only warning for this chapter is cussing
BTW, anyone besides me think that Alfred would be stupid enough to forget about the rules of Stranger Danger? He just let Arthur into his car as if he knew the guy for years rather then three minutes! Bad boy Alfred, don't give strangers rides, even if they are cute and British!
On with the fic!
Artistic Dreams
Chapter Two
It wasn't until three miles into the drive that Arthur decided to speak to Alfred, who was busy singing along with the radio, some country station from what the British author could tell. "Umm… Mr. Jones?"
A snort came from Alfred at this. "Please don't call me that… makes me feel old. Anyway, got a question?"
"Sorry, and yes, I do. Why do you
:iconriyuyami:RiYuYami 4 17
APH-Wish by koookeees APH-Wish :iconkoookeees:koookeees 755 130
1893 -GerMerica one shot-
This doesn't really have to do anything with the Wings of Wax universe except that it is a bit of a flashback to when Alfred and Ludwig were really good friends, but it's still in that universe.
That, and it was mentioned in a chapter before so, whatever.
Okay, the whole idea came from the new issue of Mental floss where they were talking about the Chicago Fire. In it, they mentioned the World's Fair (this is the famous one that had the first Ferris wheel which was to get back that the French for their Eiffel Tower) in 1893 was where hamburgers were introduced to the American public.
The moment I read that, this whole idea came to mind, mixing with my silly little idea about Alfred taking Ludwig to McDonald's.
Summery: It's the 1893 World's Fair and everyone is excited about the latest attractions, but only one has caught Alfred's attention above all else.
I only own the plot and the OCs, which includes the states even though they are mentioned and not seen, except Illinois who is seen
:iconriyuyami:RiYuYami 12 20
Die by MattDreams Die :iconmattdreams:MattDreams 49 14
APH Across the Universe CO 2
The typical American prom. Music pumping, bodies swaying and shaking along with the beat, each person's face lit with the many sparkling rays that reflected off a new polished disco ball. White streams of silky ribbon hung from the rafters and shinning silver and gold balloons lazily floated up as far as their strings would allow them.  Guys in white suits and girls in white dresses huddled together in the middle of the dance floor all jumping and hollering as the band struck up a tune that just sent excited chills coursing through your body and made you feel like dancing. A few of those awkward kids sat in chairs off to the side by the punch bowl; foots tapping or legs jigging up and down as the eagerly awaited a person to come and offer them a dance.
At the center of it all Alfred bounced and jigged excitedly; ash blonde hair sticking up in every direction with the ever rebellious cowlick sticking proudly from his forehead and sky blue eyes sparkling in the gym's light. He
:iconjay1892:jay1892 2 0
APH : your ocean and my land by illuscarymono APH : your ocean and my land :iconilluscarymono:illuscarymono 110 28
Ice and Snow
Toris always woke up early, before the sun had risen. He would always go downstairs and make himself some coffee, taking a precious few minutes to relax before making breakfast.
This morning, however, was different.
It was cold, so bitterly cold. And it was so quiet, so lonely in the house. Toris couldn't help but remember what it had been like, trapped out in the frozen wastelands of Siberia, in Russia's house where the heating had never worked properly. He would swear he heard General Winter cackling outside, blowing the drifts against his door. God, he was cold. He could swear he saw icicles creeping down the walls, frost dusting the chairs. And outside, icy violet eyes staring…
Feliks woke up to a panicked cry from the kitchen.
"Liet?" he called sleepily. "Like, are you okay?"
There was no response.
"Liet?" Feliks didn't bother sitting up. "I, like, heard you yell. You okay?"
A green-clad blur raced into the room, diving under the covers. Feliks jumped at the ice-cold limbs as
:icondarkestelemental616:DarkestElemental616 19 11
Mature content
Victory March :icondarkestelemental616:DarkestElemental616 17 19
My faves are just about all over the place...but they're still awesome~! Give 'em a look-see!! :iconilikeitplz:




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Yeah, not closing this account just yet but it's actually gonna happen this time.

Go watch my new account if you haven't ------>>>>> :iconnaavidya: :iconnaavidya: :iconnaavidya:

See ya there broskis. XD


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Please don't try to cheat. It's kind of pointless.
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100th watcher request (Prussia) for RitoruHoshi
"Beg the Demon to do it" scene for ViraIshnia
Link from The Legend of Zelda for Otakuchii
Now overdue b-day drawing for The-FCI-Prez
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"Pavlov, Pavlov" for Mr. Jones

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Hey, Masami-nii here. Mangaka, guitarist, and musician. Visual Kei/Gazerock/MYV junkie for life.


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